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Sehar~The compassionate Queen Set

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Highly energetic crystal Jewelry designed for The Queen in you.

Beautiful Queen Goddess where your crown loud and wild, as well as your Unique pieces from Sehar Modern Heirlooms collection.

Honor the Queen Goddess in You, by choosing any of our MODERN HERLOOMS collection pieces or sets.

This set include Necklace (dimensions mentioned) and a pair of matching earrings (12cm)

Materials Used : Glass Beads,Turquoise,Macrame,Brass

These crystals signify different healing properties like Turquoise gives Communication-Protection,Spiritual Wisdom,Self-Acceptance and Serenity

This stylish jewelry set can be worn by particular Zodiacs which are Sagittarius,Scorpio,Aquarius,Capricorn and Pisces

Available Colors : Yellow,Blue,Red,Silver

Length - 36cm

Pendant Length - 7cm