About Us

Sehar~ an awakening of the Goddess within

You must die before you death in order to be reborn. Just like the Phoenix that rises from the ashes. So is Sehar.

Sehar is an awakening of Goddess within; which happens when the false ego dies, and the Powerful Shakti is embodied.

The journey of the SeharAwakenedGoddes is the journey of this awakening. Started as a seed of sacred Shakti energy in Erah.

 This journey within is no more a journey of the individual - it is a journey of every woman, every man, every being and mother Earth herself.

Sehar is the awakening of Shakti within you.

Welcome to SeharAwakenedGoddess , HERE what we offer:


  • Sehar sacred healing jewelry is manifesting with Unconditional Love; custom made jewelry from of the finest stones and crystals that are highly energetic and charged that promotes healing benefits and assist in the spiritual journey.


  • Sehar Signature Hemp clothing line;100% handmade product made with great energy that resonates with Sehar mission to bring healing energy to you

Each piece is one of a kind very unique in its colors and design

Hand woven fabric, Himachali handloom made by village women, our local tailor, and Erah’s designs and painting WHAT make theses pieces very unique.


  • Sehar Vintage Denim collection; recycling old denim jackets, pants, skirts. With exclusive hand painted designs by Erah and other artists
  • Sehar natural Products of soaps and scrubs

Our luxurious and lush soaps and srubs100% natural, made in small batch; they enriched with vitamin E oil, apricot oil, essential oils, calendula extract and aloe Vera extract & mica for coloring.

  • Vintage home décor pieces make from recycled items and collectibles from nature


Here’s a little about ErahLight

The Sehar behind the manifestations; the Creatrix of the sacred healing jewelry


Who is she?

She who awakened through Remembrance

She who heard the call of the Mother Divine in her womb

She whoseNerika-heart speaks the language of the Divine

She whose Soul shines your Light

She whose silence speaks thousands words

She who found her destiny

She is Erah; The Healer

Erah knew it all along.

She has been overly sensitive to a world different than her reality; and she kept the longing for that world her deepest desire yet her ultimate search.

She knew there is more to her existence than meets the eye.

She played along with the scripts of life hoping the unraveling of her world…one day.


No wonder she was named Diaa _which means the Light. In her journey to find herself, she realized her life mission.

Indeed she is Here to guide you to your inner wisdom through the activation of the Nerika_the heart portal that connect all of creation to the Source of Infinite love.

Erah is your intuitive healer at Nerika, she is here to hold space of unconditional compassionate love for you.

In addition to her intuition and the guidance of her Highest self;Earh is a past life regression therapist, Akashic records practitioner and sound healing master.

She uses these modalities combined to provide you with the ultimate journey of remembrance.

Erah invites you to journey with her through the Nerika; to connect to the world of the beyond and embody our divinity within this magnificenthuman.